Thursday, July 25, 2013

{Cartoon} It's a HOOT(ers)

This story was sent in by an indieBerries reader who told me the story of what happened one night a short while ago.. somewhere in South Africa  - and it all began in a Hooter's Pub...

 photo hooter1_zpscd824dbc.jpg  photo hooter2_zps86cba0fa.jpg  photo hooter3_zps2d41f7f7.jpg  photo hooter4_zps644e2274.jpg  photo hooter5_zpsb893860c.jpg  photo hooter7_zpsa62c4fdc.jpg

Yep. ALL of them.
ESPECIALLY when they give you the drinks for free. 

 photo hooter8_zps070ccd1b.jpg  photo hooter4_zps644e2274.jpg photo hooter9_zpsfffce20d.jpg

 photo hooter10_zpsf808e1a4.jpg
At which point the brunette, the red-head and the blonde decide that it is time to leave Hooters.
(Call it "they decide to leave" or "they were gently ushered out" whatever.) The brunette, the red head and the blonde decided that it was time for a midnight snack -  photo hooter11_zps2b1bd8fc.jpg
They drove to the land of the midnight snack and ordered their feastings:


 photo hooter12_zps04af0f81.jpg  photo hooter13_zpsb6c84dfd.jpg  photo hooter14_zps4f175557.jpg


We don't know how the burger and chips and all the sauces ended up at the bottom of the bag.
But you've all been there - 

Don't judge.

Finally back at home the brunette, the red head and the blonde were sitting chatting when all of a sudden - 

 photo hooter15_zps94f6fdd7.jpg  photo hooter16_zps128b2c59.jpg  photo hooter17_zpsfbb5a8d1.jpg

Red head had somehow managed to fall off the bed and lodge herself in between the wall, the floor, the bed, knees, arms, legs, burgers. I got a nose-bleed just reading about it. 
 photo hooter18_zpsc19a1e0e.jpg  photo hooter19_zpsf6d0f78c.jpg  photo hooter20_zpsd9e08549.jpg  photo hooter21_zps82ea0135.jpg  photo hooter22_zpscc3f1fe9.jpg  photo hooter23_zps86bb8029.jpg  photo hooter24_zps3026de1a.jpg

"I'm seriously not feeling good guys... 
Pleaaaase help me!!"

 photo hooter25_zps22f04a99.jpg  photo hooter26_zps9cee6d16.jpg  photo hooter27_zps7f14a96b.jpg
 photo hooter26_zps9cee6d16.jpg
Why aren't they helping me?! Like I'm really actually pretty stuck here like this! And if i don't get to the bathroom in the next couple of ... whoaa..... ok... guys! Help me! i'm serious! I need help! I'm going to GUYS!!.. GUYS!!!....Guys?"


 photo hooter28_zps1e667939.jpg  photo hooter29_zps47db6eb5.jpg  photo hooter30_zps973d1312.jpg

 this cartoon to be exact.


Moral of the story: Always read indieBerries after a big night out,
You will lol and your friends will love it.

And here are the culprits in the flesh -

 photo gurls_zps34106f4f.jpg


Thanks for sharing your story with me ladies - I wish you many more fabulous cocktail-drinkin-hooters-slammin-indieberries-reading-good-times.

* * * * * 
I love hearing stories like this - it really makes me smile! If you have a story or something you'd like to share with me you can like the indieBerries Facebook page and send me a message. I can't guarantee that I will always have time to cartoon - but will try my best to make some magic happen! If you have a quick somethin'-somethin' to share you can tweet me @indieberries

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julie said...

its meeeeeee !!!! thank u che it made my year !!" love it !!"

Keri Bainborough said...

hahaha! X

Caley said...

I don't know if I could handle Indieberries when under the influence, it's already too funny!! x

A Daft Scots Lass said...

I've been in the exact position of that redhead :-)

JutFace said...

Reminds me of Wallis & the crack. Keke!

JutFace said...

Reminds me of Wallis & the crack. Kekeke!

Claudz said...

This made me keen for a night out with the girls!

Che Kershaw said...

hahahahaha must be a ginger thing.

Che Kershaw said...

hahahahaa WE HATE THE CRACK.

Che Kershaw said...

hahaha :)