Tuesday, July 30, 2013

{DIY} The Sad Naked Notebook

 photo bookb38_zpscfc18d6d.jpg  photo bookb3_zps5b7d7948.jpg  photo bookb29_zpsee290f54.jpg  photo bookb18_zpseb558dfa.jpg


That's not a problem sad-and-naked-little-notebook! 
We'll dress you up in no time at all!

 photo bookb23_zps70ae783a.jpg

To dress up your sad-and-naked-little-notebooks you will need:
  • a notebook. (make sure it is a sad-and-naked one).
  • something that will form the "base" of your notebook cover. It could be photographs, magazine pages, scrapbook paper etc. I printed out some images off my "Blogcademy Inspired" Pinterest board. viva la turquoise!
  • anything that sparkles your fancy for notebook embellishments: It could be sequins, buttons, washi tape, feathers, fabric, tissue paper.
  • Mod Podge and a brush. (I opted for the matt Mod Podge, it could be glossy if you prefer).
 photo bookb25_zps654c78a9.jpg
 photo bookb21_zps7cec9633.jpg  photo bookb11_zpsffcfcb6a.jpg

Below are some of the images that I printed out from my "Blogcademy Inspired" Pinterest board -

 photo bookb2_zps27924a4b.jpg  photo bookb1_zps91467184.jpg
My printer however, has been a little moody-pre-menstrual of late and decided to tell me there is NO BLACK INK. After replacing the black ink and printing the pictures - it is very clear that the printer is out of YELLOW INK.

 photo bookb19_zps01aa8052.jpg

Nevermind, I just whipped out my coloured pencils and filled it in.
Whatevs. printer - you aren't getting the better of me.

 photo bookb24_zpsf553a649.jpg  photo bookb22_zps40555cdd.jpg

They came out fine for the purpose of this project -

 photo bookb7b_zps3b093f7e.jpg

Once you've cut out all your pictures/pages/scrapbook papers etc. Start laying them out on your notebook. I'm usually more of a "just do it as you go" kind of DIYer but it is a good idea to have some rough estimate of how many pics you will be able to fit onto the page -

 photo bookb12_zpsd161156c.jpg  photo bookb14_zps777d7178.jpg
When you are happy with your layout, start sticking down your images using Mod Podge - once you have stuck them all down, you can give the entire thing another coat of mod podge on top.

After you have let the "base" dry a little bit, you can start adding different embellishments using the mod podge -

 photo bookb4_zps191b69f1.jpg   photo bookb20_zps0200f7ad.jpg

I wanted my sad-and-naked-little-notebook to have different layers and textures so I glued on some frayed fabric, sequins, buttons and feathers.

 photo bookb15_zps761abf6d.jpg

"When in doubt, just add washi tape" - Ché Dyer ©

 photo bookbb_zpsbe1163fe.jpg
 photo bookb16_zpsfea15615.jpg photo bookb26_zpse633b4ff.jpg
 photo bookb17_zpse65fad41.jpg photo bookb30_zpse05f2f71.jpg
 photo bookb28_zps11aa9006.jpg
 photo bookb31_zps082cbf0e.jpg photo bookb32_zpsde0dd329.jpg  photo bookb33_zps46ac20a9.jpg  photo bookb34_zps7bb96c9f.jpg  photo bookb35_zps7f8a85f2.jpg
 photo blogcademyscholar1_zps1149fdab.jpg photo bookb36_zps6d18c0b7.jpg  photo bookb37_zps5fa942bf.jpg

I will escort my little notebook to the Blogcademy with pleasure
and promise to ask all the questions on his behalf.


Ché Dyer -
lover-of-stationery, notebooks and sparkly things.


Nicola Meyer said...

LOVE!!!! I have a few very sad and naked notebooks too - time to get the scrapbook paper, washi tape etc out and make them happy

Che Kershaw said...

YES!! your sad and naked notebooks are CRYING for some washi tape!!

Johlet said...

Whahaha! You are so funny! I want to live in your brain for a day!

GeeGee said...

I love the sequins-that-look-like-bubbles-from-a-fish-below-the-fabric-strip-at-the-bottom!

Che Kershaw said...

hahaha no you don't. my brain does not sleep... ask warren.. when i try to "accidentally" wake (kick) him at 3am.

Megs H said...

Che, you are soooooo talented and artistic! I would love to find the time to do more creative and artistic work...but alas between working full day, being a mom and just life in general there is basically no time for much *SIGH* :( Need your artistic flair and energy levels ;) Much love xxxx

Caley said...

Love it!! Such talent and creativity... x