Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Picnic Amateurs

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If you follow anyone on twitter/facebook - you will know that the weather in London has been phenomenal of late. Last weekend was the hottest weekend of the year so far. Husband and I decided to take full advantage of it by heading to Wimbledon Common for a picnic on Sunday afternoon.

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When we got to the park we noticed that one half of the Common was completely packed and the other half was pretty much empty.

Me: Why are these people such morons? Why do they all want to be on top of each other?
Warr: I know. It's weird. There's so much space and they are all crammed into the 5m of space around that tiny mud pond.
Me: Ha ha. Let's go sit on the other side of the park and have ALL THE SPACE to ourselves! haha

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Turns out, that this was a great choice for the first 35 minutes. But we soon realised that the "east side" of the park gets approximately three hours more sunshine than the west side.

"aaaah. Those people. They knew."

So us picnic amateurs got back to our business of picnic-ing.

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"Did you get ice"
"Apparently the shop has run out of ice"
"Aaah. Those people in-the-know must have bought it all"
"Oh. ok. Do you have a knife for me to cut these things?"
"No, I forgot it. Ok, I'll just go back home"
{luckily we live a little hop and skip away from Wimbledon Common}

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We whacked up some chicken skewers - complete with mushroom, chicken, red and yellow pepper and blue cheese. We also cut up some veggies, olives and sundried tomatoes for dipping with guacamole & houmous - photo picnic4_zps8cbb0006.jpg
 photo picnic5_zps470ff28a.jpg  photo picnic7_zps9ab521f9.jpg
Once we had prepared all our skewers, sausages and steak which were ready to cook - we lay down with our books, good tunes and wine to soak up the sunshine -

 photo picnic12_zpscdd81d79.jpg  photo picnic22_zps43d693a2.jpg  photo picnic14_zpsd65f15f7.jpg  photo picnic15_zps4071bcc5.jpg  photo picnic16_zps5045f2cc.jpg  photo picnic17_zps8130bdb1.jpg
And that is the moment that husband nearly burnt down the entire Wimbledon Common -

 photo picnic2_zpsa25af227.jpg

Dry. Burning. Grass.

 photo picnic6_zps3a02e27e.jpg
"Don't worry Wimbledon - we were just helping you with your firebreaks.
You're welcome"

Am very thankful that we were not on the side with ALL THE PEOPLE, because - that would've been pandemonium.

 photo picnic3_zpsca48ee30.jpg

Shortly after the incident with the FIRE, our mate Mitchie joined us - for some reason I didn't take any more pics after THE FIRE INCIDENT, but don't worry - I just filled him in -

 photo picnic1_zps0a525e3e.jpg
{Mr Mitch actually has a very cool life story that I'm hoping he is going to share on the blog soon}*


 photo picnic10_zps0ee0e85f.jpg

So, to sum up the indieBerries "London picnic tips" -

  • Always buy ice as early as possible. It appears that everyone has the same idea as you.
  • Choose the east side of the park - even if it is completely crowded and feels like you are on the tube.
  • Always pack knives.
  • Always pack an extra bottle of water - for emergency FIRE situations.
  • Always pack an extra bottle of wine - because if you DO burn down the whole of Wimbledon, you're gonna need it.

Happy Sunshine Days y'all


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