Tuesday, July 23, 2013

{Cartoon} Man with a plan.

A couple of months ago I was helping out and doing a bit of babysitting for some friends.
Anyone who has ever looked after babies (two of them. under two) will know that you come away from a day of "babysitting" feeling like the grossest thing alive. You will have mashed potato in your hair, snot on your trousers and unidentified something all over your sleeves. It's not cute. You don't feel sexy.

You don't believe me?
Ok, Go have two babies and call me in the morning.

So anyway a couple of Friday's ago - I was finishing up with a full day of babysitting and The Husband decided it would be a good idea to meet somewhere after he had finished work, to do something to celebrate FRIDAY.

 photo husbandwin5_zps2695cd30.jpg
 photo husbandwin6_zpsb62c1175.jpg  photo husbandwin7_zps5fbf39fd.jpg  photo husbandwin8_zps20a70b6f.jpg  photo husbandwin9_zps2434091f.jpg
"Like. I feel so unbelievably gross. I think this may even be a little bit of baby-puke in my hair. Oh no. No wait, that's just macaroni. Can you smell that? Is that me? Wow I feel disgusting. I am not pretty right now. Sorry about that. lolZ! But.... Seriously, that smell?!"

 photo husbandwin10_zps136f8d65.jpg  photo husbandwin11_zps84092ddb.jpg  photo husbandwin12_zps39ea4727.jpg
I do LOVE a man-with-a-plan.

 photo husbandwin13_zps05701a40.jpg  photo husbandwin14_zpsb04f059b.jpg  photo husbandwin15_zpsb67ca626.jpg  photo husbandwin16_zps16491e2c.jpg  photo husbandwin17_zps8b06d616.jpg
ooh! some trendy bar overlooking the city! Rad!
 photo husbandwin18_zps6409498a.jpg

"So anyway... then the one kid is like crawling all over the other kid, but the first kid hadn't finished his macaroni, so then the second kid had it all in her hair....then I had to try and stop the first kid from smearing it all over the second one ..... Look!... you see.... I told you that was macaroni on my sleeve!  I knew it! Anyway so we sorted that out, but then after lunch I gave them jelly. Have you ever seen a kid eat jelly?! Man, that shit goes EVERYWHERE. it's un-stoppable. So like there's jelly all over the floor, then 10 mins later when i was on the floor picking up the lego - totally forgot the jelly was there and so now I'm basically sitting in it.... then the kid comes over and wants to eat the jelly....and then he's climbing all over me, but he's just been outside, so of course there is mud everywhere.... and...."
 photo husbandwin19_zps11b10c1b.jpg  photo husbandwin20_zps43baf38a.jpg  photo husbandwin21_zps91bfad6f.jpg
 photo husbandwin23_zpsff2a4e14.jpg photo husbandwin22_zps8e92112c.jpg
 photo husbandwin24_zps19be71c3.jpg
In my distracted state of riding the department escalator and re-living the adventures of my babysitting day to the husband, I had not noticed that he was quietly picking out a new outfit for me to wear on our happy-IT'S-FRIDAY!-date.

Husband: Put it on.
Wife: What? whaaa.... *gets shoved into change room*
Husband: Does it fit?
Wife: Well.. yeah.. I guess... yes..it fits.... but ... i...
Husband: Do you like it?
Wife: Yesssss.....
Husband: Excellent! Now you need shoes!

And that is how the husband bought me a brand new outfit in a department store en-route to our date:
 photo husbandwin2_zpsa5ed3d3b.jpg

And yes, I totally changed in the change room. Because what else is a change room for.

Basically, a modern day Superman if you will.

And when the fitting room assistants saw the whole thing go down - they were amazed.

"You better hold onto that one, gurrrl."

Then, husband-man-with-a-plan led me to Sugar Cane - one of the coolest little cocktail bars in clapham.

 photo husbandwin1_zps0eb902f8.jpg
 photo husbandwin3_zps33abc126.jpg

We noshed on some yummy snack platters and some fruity cocktails 
and nobody had spaghetti on their shoulder.

 photo husbandwin4_zpsda734a9d.jpg

Man with a plan, y'all.

Man. with. plan.


van said...

awesome- what a man with plan! :)

Rhianne said...

happy its friday dates are my favourite dates :)

GeeGee said...

I love this! and I love that you didnt realise it til the lastest minute, I bet that date was fabulous!

Claudz said...

Most awesome romantic story!

Warrz said...

Most days I get it right ;)

Lee-Ann Lipman said...

Damn, Greg has some learning to do! Good on you Warr!

Phumi said...

thats actually very sweet