Wednesday, July 17, 2013

{Honeymoon} Backgammon

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On honeymoon, we played a lot of backgammon. A. LOT. I have never known how to play backgammon - but Warren has been playing it for ages right back to when his family owned Oaklands guest house. He was a little kid back then and used to play with all the guests which I'm sure was the greatest thing for a little kid. (I even bought him his own Backgammon game set for Christmas last year with a delish bottle of red wine and cosy blanket for us to have a "backgammon couch night")

When we arrived at Exeter Lodge - our first honeymoon destination - and we saw that they had Backgammon - I was so excited for The Husband to teach me how to play.

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It was awesome to sit on our deck, listen to all the wild sounds around us and play backgammon, like in those old school coffee ads. Except we switched out our coffee for Gin and Tonics and Red wine, because we're gangsta like that.

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After the first game of explaining the rules- we decided to start placing some bets on these "friendly" backgammon games.

Bet Number 1: A Full Day Saturday Date organised by the Loser.

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So, yep. I lost that one.

Anywhoo... A full date to plan. Can handle that.

Then we played a few other friendly games, so that I could practise a bit more and get used to all these backgammon fancy "strategies".

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 photo backgam14_zpsaee88b29.jpg photo backgam15_zpsf13c7c35.jpg

Ché: Warren, what are you doing? What are you googling? Are you cheating?
Warren: No, I'm just googling to see the correct placement of the backgammon pieces
Ché: Are you lying to me? Are you cheating?
Warren: I'm really not.
Ché: Ok well then I'm going to google the placements too because I feel like you're cheating.

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Then we played a few more games.

And I lost.

 photo backgam11_zps05ecb821.jpg

And let me point this out - 
I do not lose at games.

I just DON'T.

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Ché: Whatever Warren, you can gloat all you like, I don't even care about winning. I am just here to enjoy spending time with my husband on our honeymoon.

Warr: Yeah, pffft. whatever.

 * * * * *

Then i wanted to make my comeback we decided to play again for a


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 photo backgam13_zps4a9f2792.jpg
So am in debt by one full day Saturday date, One three course home-made Dinner, One popcorn and wine night, One movie date. Yeah. OK.

Then we headed to Quilalea off the coast of Northern Mozambique and to my absolute delight we discovered that they had a backgammon set for us to play. Warren of course, having now become quite enamored with playing backgammon because of all the free shit he can win off me.

I was really starting to detest husband for all the games he had won. But then, who can stay mad at this face?

 photo backgam4_zps9d13bf6e.jpg

No. You cannot be hatin' on this face.

 photo backgam5_zpsacdc854c.jpg  photo backgam6_zpsefb5f725.jpg

 The face of "i-can't-help-it-that-I'm-so-good-at-this"

And finally, Bet #567: A Dinner Out at a Lovely Restaurant -

 photo mozam140_zps8fa60736.jpg

Somehow Mr Dyer let his game slide and I managed to beat him fair and slipping my pieces off the board square. Or, he totally let me win. Whatever. I don't really care. I win.

 photo mozam141_zpsa2a0d846.jpg

So, last Friday, I cooked up my Three Course "Backgammon-Bet" Meal for The Husband. Being the absolute "amazing chef" that I am - there are, of course, a lot of stories to follow. Stay tuned.

* * * * * * *

PS. Playing backgammon is actually really fun. You will have plenty of laughs. I would highly recommend playing it with your husband/wife/fiancé/lover/friends. Make a few Game Bets... But definitely make sure that you win.

PPS. Warren, we will soon be playing a re-match for the three course home-cooked meal. And a full  Sunday breakfast-in-bed. But this time -



Lee-Ann Lipman said...

Greg and I have recently started playing Monopoly Deal. Tons of fun, but I keep losing. Not sure if I suck, or I should just not trust what a magician can do with a deck of cards...

GeeGee said...

Great idea! Now how to do that with Cranium and 30 Seconds' both on a team? Hmmm...

Each post reiterates how great you guys are for each other

Che Kershaw said...

NEVER trust a magician. NEVER.