Friday, July 12, 2013

Mumford & Sons, Gentlemen of the Road.

 photo mumpic1_zps318f94c8.jpg

On Saturday we hit up the Gentlemen of the Road, Summer Stampede Concert at the Queen Elizabeth park - Mumford & Sons, Vampire Weekend, Ben Howard, Bears Den, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and HAIM. i know, can you even handle? The whole Olympic Park was created to resemble an old school fair ground with different rides, tombola stalls, food stands, photo booths etc. I loved all the signage - esp these "cheer people" (below) who had signs along the way telling us how many more steps (from the train station) until we reached the concert gates -

 photo mumpic7_zpsfd701d1f.jpg

We had an awesome chilled out afternoon listening to Ben Howard, Edward Sharpe, Bears Den, HAIM in the sunshine -

 photo mumpic2_zps8a40808d.jpg

THEN. Mumford and Sons came on - 
We raised up our drinks and went crazy!

 photo mumfordtime1_zps3f589333.jpg
"Woooohooooo!!! We love you Mumford!! etc etc!!! wooohooooo!!!"

 photo mumfordtime2_zps23921c89.jpg  photo mumfordtime3_zpsedc02d59.jpg  photo mumfordtime4_zps1568d616.jpg  photo mumfordtime5_zps80271b44.jpg   photo mumfordtime7_zpsdc4a3b7e.jpg   photo mumfordtime8_zps3070d14d.jpg

Yep. That's right. I got doused in sticky vodka lemonade. All over my head.
By my own husband.

That one.
He's lucky I'm so forgiving.

 photo mumpic3_zps233f5a8b.jpg

Am having problems with getting youtube to embed my videos  - 
but this is a link to the mandatory "oh, lols. it's not a picture, it's a video"

And here is the actual picture picture -
  photo mumpic4_zpsa5146dd9.jpg

Side Note: Definitely invest in a husband the next time you go to a festival or concert - they have very handy shoulders for when you need to get a better view. Also, if you let them "accidentally" spill their drink all over you, then you will have extra shoulder time as retribution.

 photo mumford13_zps28545aaa.jpg
Husband took this picture of me while I was on his shoulders.
I had no idea.

Somehow feel the deserving caption is: KAa KAAAW.

 photo mumpic13_zps3608391b.jpg

Saw guy with an awesome t-shirt. 
Approached guy with awesome t-shirt and said:

"Hey Guy-with-an-awesome-t-shirt,
you have an awesome t-shirt!
Imma take a pikcha of it, K? K."

 photo mumpic5_zpsa2bf3e91.jpg

I tested it for you.
totally legit.
 photo mumpic12_zps91839e07.jpg

Oh Hey bald guy.

 photo mumpic8_zpsf221723b.jpg

A few other of our video links if you're interested:
Edward Sharpe and the Magentic Zeros - Home.

And this video - where they released confetti. Kerry and i were on our way back from the bathroom and we thought they were butterflies. You guys, BUTTERFLIES. We died.

 photo mumpic9_zpsd0b1199f.jpg  photo mumpic10_zps60b88203.jpg
Picture left: AMAZING naked fairy light bulbs.
Picture Right: amazing picture of nothing. And exactly everything of how the night was.

 photo mumpic11_zps9a230b0e.jpg
{my very own gentleman of the road}

And my fave pic of the night - completely unedited:

 photo mumpic6_zpsac59f33b.jpg

London Summer for the Win. 


Robynne_May said...

The guy in the striped red shirt and the girl in the white shirt in your Ben Howard picture? Pretty darn sure that's me and Nico.

Che Kershaw said...

hahaha No ways! :) hope you guys had a blast! We did!

Natasha Marais said...

I know so many people that went to this concert. SO MUCH OF JEALOUS! Looks awesome x

Johlet said...

I have to go to London just to attend a concert! Good idea? I think YES!

Claudz said...

This looks awesome. I am so jealous that you got to see Mumford!

Keri Bainborough said...

1. Kaaa Kaaaaaw! Hahaha.
3. I want to be in London RIGHT NOW.
That's all. XXX

Che Kershaw said...

it was SOOO awesome! we had such a great time! x

Che Kershaw said...

answer: YES. :) :)

Che Kershaw said...

they were incredible live!! and so was Ben Howard!

Che Kershaw said...

Kaaa kAAAAWW!!!! pop over silly! we are waiting for you - Pimms in Hand!

Caley said...

Always too much fun at a concert!!

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