Monday, July 8, 2013

Pretty Pictures

I am busy working on a number of projects behind the scenes which are taking up a lot of my precious time. So while I am busy hacking away at those - here are some gorgeous images/illustrations and graphics for you to oooh and aaaah over. They are all taken from my illustrations and grapics Pinterest board - where you can see plenty more like it and link backs to the original sources.

Bon apetit!

 photo illustrate1_zpsff824f3c.jpg
 photo illustrate13_zpsb7ae6ab5.jpg  photo illustrate14_zpsd0337b26.jpg  photo illustrate11_zps2a684d07.jpg  photo illustrate15_zps56fc5ab7.jpg  photo illustrate16_zps91702baa.jpg  photo illustrate17_zps2be57d0c.jpg  photo illustrate18_zps7acb3196.jpg  photo illustrate3_zpsf9274af4.jpg  photo illustrate2_zps8d6a1bd3.jpg  photo illustrate4_zps0a5ca3d7.jpg  photo illustrate5_zpsaaaa1417.jpg  photo illustrate8_zpscb2b38e9.jpg  photo illustrate7_zpsa105ac88.jpg


GeeGee said...

There's a theme of colours and selection running through that range :) I like the inverted triangle, the lines are so pretty. Hope your projects are going well!

Abby said...

Very interesting

xoxo One Stiletto At a Time fashion and beauty blog