Monday, July 15, 2013

In the bag.


Wanted to give you a little heads up about a cool competition that is being run over at Camera Couture this month - They are giving away an instax mini camera, instax film and a designer camera bag. HOLLER!


The camera bag they are giving away is the Gracie Mint - which even has space for your iPad. It's the same company as the designer camera bag that I have (above). I really love mine and it's so awesome being able to take out your camera in a bag that doesn't make you feel like you're part of the mafia.



To enter the comp, you have to write a list on the Camera Couture Facebook page -  about all the things you would keep in your camera bag. Or you can tweet them @Cameracouture or even whack up a list on your own blog - but make sure you let them know.

Below is what I used to keep in my camera bag when I was back in Korea - 

But right now, if I had to streamline it -

I'd stock it up with -
  • My Canon SLR and lenses obvs. Plus Instax, wide angle camera and film.
  • A magical self-replenishing wallet.
  • A tub of hand cream - because I'm very old and mature now.
  • A few negative calorie chocolate bars. Because, SNACKS.
  • A few bricks so that I can carry my camera bag AND get my arm workout in. Winning. #gym
  • The winning lotto ticket. And also tickets to all the festivals in the world.
  • Handy fold-up tent, Festivals. See above.
  • lip balm, sunscreen.

Just kidding guys - 
My rabbit is purple.

For more details see the Camera Couture Blog or hit up their Facebook page.


GeeGee said...

Ahhhhhh I was just looking at these bags again last weekend! aaaaah yay thanks for letting us know! eeeeeee!

Johlet said...

Oooh is this open internationally? Please say yes!!!