Wednesday, July 31, 2013

{DIY} Makeshift Business Cards

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I was invited to a Blogger's Bingo Picnic in Hyde Park last night - (more on that to come). Now, as you may have read, I am in the process of moving indieBerries to it's own domain and re-branding/re-launching/opening shop etc etc etc. ( #EXCITEMENT) - as such, I have held off on printing 'proper' business cards until the new site is up and I'm happy with the look and feel of everything. However, one cannot attend a "blogger's meet up" without any form of calling-card, so I decided to quickly whack up a few very-quick-and-easy makeshift contact cards -

 photo business4_zps229c8075.jpg
I started by laying out all my NB details on an A4 page - I mocked this up in inDesign because I have da skillz and da program -  but it really is nothing fancy and I am pretty sure you can achieve something similar in Word or even powerpoint.

I printed out the A4 page into thick card and then cut out all of the business cards -

 photo business3_zps1e67f269.jpg  photo business5_zpsfa478a5a.jpg
I left a space on the information side of the card for me to hand write the "indieBerries" title - mainly because I wanted something handwritten to break up all the text and also to give it a hand-crafted feel. If you don't feel so comfortable handwriting your business cards, you could use alphabet stamps, stickers or print out the whole thing. For me, these are very temporary and fun-makeshift cards - so it really doesn't matter. Your business cards should also reflect your style of business - so if you are an independent crafter/artisan then the handwritten look would be perfect for you. If you do decide to write on them make sure you choose an ink that won't smudge and that the cards are fully dry before you attempt to letter them.

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I then turned the business cards over and started washi-taping the back of them - covering the entire card in different coloured strips. It was loads of fun to do and very quick and easy.

 photo business8_zps5aba545c.jpg
What's nice about this method is that you can change the look from card to card if you want and you can build up a variety of different colours for clients/bloggers/people to choose from. I would suggest keeping each business card to a specific colour hue - but heck if you wanted to be crazy and smash in all the PURPLES/PINKS/BLUES/GREENS/BLACK/YELLOW/ORANGES into one card.... go right ahead!

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I personally love this business card technique because it gives you an excuse to BUY ALL THE WASHI TAPE. Of course, you could always just marry Warren Dyer and let him give you the BEST. WEDDING. GIFT. EVERRRR.

Just kidding gurrrls, he's already married. 

 photo business11_zpsaaebceb6.jpg
 photo business1_zps7becd294.jpg photo business14_zps70f2bed5.jpg  photo business13_zps2df9a82e.jpg
You can also see my lovely nails - that's some Shellac from my last manicure that I've half scratched off. Should probably change my business cards to:

"definitely not a beauty blog"

 photo business12_zps35acfb01.jpg   photo business9_zps445dd4b9.jpg  photo business2_zps4bd08d8f.jpg

Any lovely ideas you've seen for business cards lately?

I love these whimsical business cards from Happiness is...


van said...

very cute and look fun to make too!

CityGirl said...

Was just about to post you the link to @Happiness is :) Love the washi tape idea Che...they look fab! x

Melanie Heyns said...

Beautiful cards and what a great idea with the washi tape.

Mel's Corner

Megs H said...

Very artistc, bright and colourful...I love them :) What is your email address Che? Is it ? If so, I email you to ask you something...did you receive my email? Hope to hear from you soon ;) xxxx

Johlet said...

WOW I love these! They look stunning!

Caley said...

Washi tape HEAVEN!!! Loving your creative business cards x

Warrz said...

You give the best wedding gifts! ;)

Che Kershaw said...

monkey!!! xoxo

Sheylara said...

That's gorgeous! Your makeshift cards look nicer than many proper cards! ;) And thanks for the ideas!

Liha said...

Hey Che! Loving the cards :)
Just wanted to know where in Durban has a big n awesome collection of washi tape? Can't seem to find the kind that I want

Che Kershaw said...

glad you like the cards! I have actually been emailed a similar question - am going to put together a blog post :)

Che Kershaw said...

yay! also happy to share some ideas! :)

Liha said...

Thanx! Can't wait :)))

Pooja Gupta said...

Nice collection.I like your blog. Visiting card printing is very famous in any business industry.

Fidelia Seavey said...

br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}Awesome cards, Che! I love that you can pretty much hand out a unique card to anyone. I think you can even scan the patterns and have them printed out too in case of washi tape shortage. Haha! Thanks for sharing! -Fidelia @ Momentum Graphics

Che Kershaw said...

ah yes! that would actually be a great way to make your cards go further without having to use up all your precious washi tape! :)

Shakshi S said...

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