Friday, July 19, 2013

Champagne, Oysters and Brighton Beach.

A few weeks ago - we celebrated the birthday of Shelly with a surprise trip down to Brighton Beach. I made a "secret" invitation which i posted through her letterbox -
 photo shellybdayinvite_zps9f5eacf3.jpg
We - Nicole, Kerry, Birthday gal-Shelly and I, met early morning, grabbed some coffee and toasties and jumped on the train to Brighton. Our first stop in Brighton was to an awesome retro/quirky boutique called Betty Lou -

 photo shelly9_zps28f601be.jpg  photo shelly1_zps3ffd6c11.jpg

We started our girly day with different spa treatments - shellac nails, hair cuts, hi-lights and blow-waves and luxury pedicures. Such an awesome retro-themed little boutique with a really awesome owner Liz - Betty Lou specialises in vintage-makeovers - am thinking it would be super fun to "get all old-school" and go take some snaps on the Brighton Pier? Yes. Betty Lou's is definitely worth a visit if you're headed down to Brighton.

 photo shelly7_zps7aa0f4a4.jpg

We also cracked open the bubbles and feasted on delicious Hummingbird Cupcakes, because

Can you say DELICIOUS?!? 

Not with a mouth-full of cupcake you can't.

 photo shelly5_zps6084c8a8.jpg  photo shelly14_zps75c07980.jpg

Loved all the interior of the Betty Lou Salon - especially the awesome wall graphics -

 photo shelly8_zpsbb8aaaa8.jpg

After gettin' all girlified, we headed down to Brighton Beach and had a slow stroll over to the place we had booked for lunch - at the Champagne and Oyster Bar - Riddle and Finns.

 photo shelly4_zpse4122469.jpg  photo shelly6_zps8c1f0eba.jpg
 photo shelly13_zps347112ee.jpg

Shelly is a die-hard Oyster Fan - her sister Nicole is a die-hard anti-oyster fan. Kerry and Ché had not, until this point ever tried oysters. We decided to be brave and give those little suckers a bash -

 photo shelly16_zps1dbde42c.jpg
 photo shelly15_zpsd04aa7b1.jpg

Doused up with tabasco, lemon juice and whatever that sauce was in the middle, they were actually pretty darn delish.

Hmm... It appears I do have a taste for the finer things in life. 
(Ka-ching, Warren).

 photo shelly2_zpsd67b985a.jpg

We headed along the Brighton pier, stopping at the little shops and market stalls, soaking in the very vintage-fairground vibe of Brighton. Seriously, with all the beach, the Merry-go rounds, the fair-ground stalls - it's basically Instagrammer's heaven. I've never been to Brighton before - and it's such an awesome little coastal town to explore! We didn't even get a chance to go treasure hunting around The Brighton Lanes

 photo shelly11_zpsc5912fa3.jpg  photo shelly3_zps72bbd510.jpg 

Before heading back to catch the train back to London, we took a walk along the pier to get ice-creams, lose all our coins in the arcades (not really) and go on the scariest loop-de-loop rollercoaster (yes really). Recommendation: Ice-creams after rollercoaster.

  photo shelly10_zps4eabd7db.jpg  photo shelly12_zpsb4e7027e.jpg

Hope you had a fab birthday Miss Shelly, it was awesome to spend the day celebrating with you!
So... we'll do it all again this time next year?



Rhianne said...

Looks like you all had an amazing time, I've still never been to Brighton but its definitely on my list of places to go just for the photos :)

Caley said...

Such fun! We did the same thing for my birthday when I lived in London, and we had such fantastic weather! x

Betty Lou said...

What an awesome write up, glad you liked our little salon, we will be doing 50s pin up girl make over shoots from September be great to see you girls again xx

Che Kershaw said...

we had such fun! thanks for having us! x

Che Kershaw said...

brighton is FULL of awesome photo opportunities!

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