Friday, July 26, 2013

Random Things

A list of a few random things you may not know about me
  • I had an imaginary twin-sister-friend when I was younger. Her name was Courtney and I spoke to her in "afrikaans" - which was basically just my own made up language. Before Courtney I had another imaginary friend who was very naughty -  I once made my grandmother pull over on the highway because his behaviour was so appalling and he had to "get out the car and walk home". Twenty-minutes-drive-later, my gran had to turn around and go fetch him, because I felt terrible that I had left him all alone on the side of the road. I was four. Thanks for being so obliging, gran.
  • I have an irrational fear of things crawling into my ear when I'm sleeping at night. I will not be able to sleep if I do not have something covering my ear-hole. Husband knows this and if he sees I am very comfy and not wanting to move - he will pull my hair over my ear without me even having to ask him. Ag sweet, man.
  • I have not ever had a broken bone. I have broken my front teeth (the horror: see here) and dislocated both of my knees several times, but no broken bones.
  • I had five stitches in my face on my cheek bone, under my eye as a child. Merry-go-rounds are the devil.
  • Have recently learned that husband-as-a-very-young-boy-at-boarding-school, used to grate his knuckles on the gravel to induce bleeding because "we got free jelly babies if there was blood".
  • In high school (St. Anne's Diocesan College) in my year, I was voted "person most likely to get married in the St. Anne's chapel" and "person most likely to be famous". We got married at Warren's school Chapel - Michaelhouse - so I guess I will just work on the fame thing then.
  • I sometimes think I would like to work in a post office sorting mail. Mundane mindless jobs can be so soothing.
  • I don't own a hair straightener. I never have. I also would not be able to tell you where my hairbrush is because the last time I brushed my hair was probably more than two weeks ago. Am not a girl.
  • Psychological and sociological theories/ brain games/ personality tests/ theories etc etc really interest me. I could read books like Freakonomics till the cows come home.
  • People getting you/your/you're wrong REALLY annoys me. 
  • I consider both popcorn and cereal to be substantial and complete meals.
  • I've ridden an ostrich and an elephant. And I've been kicked in the arm by a zebra.
  • Friends is the only series that I have watched every episode.
  • I would love to be one of those people who walk into a restaurant and say "I'll have the usual" - but I know I'm way too much of a "must-try-ALL-the-THINGS" person to ever get there. I usually make a point of not even ordering the same thing as anyone else at the table - even if what they are having is really what i want. Just because we should all try different things. ha.
That's all for now - I'd love to hear something random/quirky about you - 
please leave a comment with something that people don't know about you :)

Happy Friday!


Keri Bainborough said...

Also broke my front teeth - drunken jacuzzi accident. My dentist didn't fix them properly and now I have one front tooth that juts out a little. When I get my first big lump of cash money I'm going to have them fixed and all whitened so that they're a pretty as your new ones :)

Sarah Gurney said...

When I was 6 and my sister was 3, I cut all her hair off. It wasn't at all malicious. I had just seen my mom cutting my dad's hair, so I thought we could also play "hairdresser-hairdresser". It's the most trouble I've ever been in in my life. I got a hiding with the wooden spoon, and all my beautiful new Christmas hair things taken away. My mom kept them at the top of her cupboard. I used to climb up and look at them wistfully - but never touched them. Cos that was forbidden.

On the plus side, my sister's hair grew back twice as thick. She now has the best hair in our family - which I totally take credit for. Obviously.

Megs H said...

Awesome post! Friends is also the only series that I have watched every episode:) I also love to eat cereal for breakfast, lunch and's so simple to make and tastes so damn good!!!! I also have an irrational fear of being eaten by a shark...basically I will not swim alone in a pool, ocean, river or any water for that matter...somebody has to swim with me(*pretty pathetic but hey I suppose that is ME ;) )

Caley said...

LOVE this list - the true, fun, quirky YOU!!

Che Kershaw said...

* da-dum- daa-Dumm- daaa-Duuuum * (INSERT SCREAMS)

Che Kershaw said...

drunken jacuzzi parrrrrrrttaaaay! I'm IN.

Che Kershaw said...

my brother did that to me.
"let me play hairdresser, che - while you watch TV"
"ok blake! I LOVE people playing with hair"
seven minutes and one pair of scissors later.


Stephanie Swan said...

Love this post! i have a fear of anything over my face while i sleep - i am scared i will suffocate in my sleep (and i know, i was told that you would wake up when you can't breath, but still). i've seen the Friends series more than once and my husband and i tend to quote them when we see something that reminds me of them. i believe popcorn is classified as a meal since it is my favourite meal.

Kim C said...

I not only rode an elephant but I fell off that elephant...not pretty but a pretty awesome story! But as they say after a fall you have to get back up on that...umm elephant and that is what I did - Go me!

FutureMrsOrpen said...

I AM PETRIFIED to sleep with a pair of scissors next to my bed... Deep down I don't trust me.. LOL! & I broke my front teeth "falling down stairs in heels".. but in actually fact - there were no stairs, or heels... just me walking under the influence! Plus side - i have two awesome front teeth with their own serial code that if pigs had to eat me and my teeth were found... they would know it was ME! LOL!! And believe it or not - i really am quite a normal lady

Che Kershaw said...

hahaha hilarious! am a fan of the serial coded teeth. CSI would appreciate that. :P

Che Kershaw said...

hahaha HILARIOUS! and awful. im glad you got back on that thang!!

Che Kershaw said...

haha you should come over for dinner one night! I can serve you popcorn and we can watch ALL of friends. haha

Emma said...

When I was 9 I watched the film 'IT' about the evil clown, Pennywise, based on the book by Stephen King, you know the one, right? Right?! Since then I've hated clowns. It's only a mild phobia, like I can deal with them in a circus or at a party, but photos and in films- NO! Also, thanks to this film, I can't have under my bed clear of crap. There has to be all kinds of things under it so that no one (read EVIL CLOWNS) can hide under it and appear whenever they feel like to pull me under! It's also for this same reason I can't sleep with my leg or hand hanging over the bed.

I broke my arm when I was 4 in the most spectacular fashion. We had a park next door to our house in South Africa, complete with every item a park should have- swing, roundabout, slide, climbing frame and a best friend who lived on the other side of it! From the moment I could walk I have been a bit of a daredevil. Only I'm clumsy. Clumsy daredevil. Bit of an oxymoron. Unlike other 4 year olds who had their mum pushing them politely on the swings to a reasonable height for someone of that age, I was swinging like a demon, whooshing past with a chuckle of derision to the other children. Then one day, my dad (who worked away for months at a time in the mining caves) came home early. I was beside myself with excitement. I was also in the middle of a big swing forward when I saw him arrive early. I took one hand off to wave and lost all balance on the seat. As the swing went up, I came off the swing and went flying up into the air. I landed almost head first with only my arm to cushion the fall. Broke it three places. Had a cast from shoulder to fingertips. The day after I had the cast put on, I was up the climbing frame, getting very frustrated at being hindered with the cast.

Much like your 'you, you're and your', I can't bear it when people use 'of' instead of 'have'. For instance- I should of not used of in this sentence!!!

I cry when I'm angry. I can't control it. I start to get very annoyed and TADA! Waterworks arrive whilst I'm trying to make my point about my anger in the most undignified manner.

I have such crazy dreams that people in my old workplace used to look forward to working with me on the morning shift because they'd get to hear what I dreamt about the night before. Like one dream was that I was in a gameshow, that turned into an action film with Channing Tatum as my rightwing man. We dived into rivers to escape flying bullets then took down the bad guys with a well aimed crashing plane.

My previously mentioned best friend from across the park could only speak Afrikaans, much like the rest of her family. So her mum would make me speak Afrikaans during my entire visit to the house and Yvette had to speak only English. This was so her only daughter could become bilingual. She also asked that my mum made us do it in my house too. The irony of this is that Yvette became very fluent in English, however I can't remember how to speak a word of Afrikaans. I can understand a small amount when spoken to me, just can't say anything back.

Che Kershaw said...

your broken arm incident sounds EPIC! daredevil child! im sure your dad must "OF" felt so awful! haha

I totally hear you on the crazy dreams, last night I dreamt Warren and I were trying to save this gold token from a crazed evil humanoid who was going to use the coin for evil. We had to hide the coin in my running shoe and then escape into the markets. At one stage, I had to put the token into my underwear because the market people were searching everyone's running shoes.

You should have come over to play at Che's house - she spoke made up afrikaans all day. You totes would've bilingual-ed yourself, lols :)

Emma said...

The swing incident was EPIC! My mum laughs now at how she saw me 'fly'! I also put that same cast in the bath a week later. My mum doesn't laugh at that.

That dream is CRAZY! I love it! Husband once dreamt we were being chased and then he stopped us and said, 'It's okay. I'm James Bond!' I'm hoping for a dream revelation like it one day!

Che's house sounds fab! It also sounds like it wasn't that far from Emma's House of Arm Breaking Antics. But then it's probably not hard when I spent my entire time there moving from one city to another- GOOD TIMES!