Thursday, July 18, 2013

{Cartoon} Pearls of Wisdom

The other day I had an "all-fall-down" day. I have been working on a very exciting personal project for quite some time now and suddenly out of no-where my 52 page inDesign document decided to crash on me. Before you get all up in my face - No, I did not have a back-up and yes. I know. 
What?!? ALL of it?!
ALL of it.

That may have had something to do with the self-piteous state I was wallowing in. I could also blame it on raging lady-hormones and consequent lack of chocolate. Whatever. I was feeling very sorry-for-myself-this-world-is-so-cruel-i-can't-go-on-i'm-over-it-all. It's lucky that I spent two years of my university life studying theatre and the dramatic arts - to prepare myself for this moment.

When Warren-the-husband got home and found me watching Friends on TV wailing miserably about my sorry life in the lonely dark bedroom he came to offer me his pearls of wisdom.
 photo pearl1_zps89a7226a.jpg  photo pearl2_zps37b6937e.jpg  photo pearl3_zps4c712e8d.jpg  photo pearl4_zps384a142b.jpg  photo pearl5_zpscc16763b.jpg  photo pearl6c_zps94ffb32d.jpg  photo pearl7b_zps8c07cb4e.jpg  photo pearl8_zpsf6c0131e.jpg  photo pearl9_zps48e0f398.jpg  photo pearl10_zpse497fc72.jpg  photo pearl11_zpsb63122c7.jpg

Set backs.

 photo pearl12_zps127e9b36.jpg
No we can't!

 photo pearl13_zpsd0dee3e0.jpg  photo pearl14_zps8c7643b5.jpg  photo pearl15_zps74c7a91a.jpg  photo pearl16_zpsf02294b0.jpg  photo pearl17_zps0c4320fd.jpg


 photo pearl18_zps9fc43fb1.jpg  photo pearl19_zps1a61a14b.jpg  photo pearl20_zpsdcc8d4e9.jpg

 photo pearl21_zps0a934e16.jpg

"No! You've just gotta be brave!
Whack a plaster on that stubbed-toe and keep on trucking!
and before you know it, it will all be better!"


 photo pearl22_zps24c536f3.jpg  photo pearl23_zps349b62e7.jpg

The night ended in husband singing me his self-composed song about the doors of opportunity which ended in a *knock-knock* joke. It was freakin hysterical

 photo pearl24_zpsbdff29c2.jpg

But I Guess you had to be there.

* * * * * *
In conclusion

indieBerries' Handy Tips for the Day:

Whack on a plaster to any of your set backs.
Keep on trucking and it will soon get better.



Back up your inDesign projects.

* * * * * *

In other news - I have a really (really) exciting competition that will be launching on indieBerries soon - stay tuned!


Rhianne said...

I love him. There I said it - I just can't help myself :) he IS going to make a great Dad.

I HATE crashing documents!!! That and blue screens, they result in fury! Did you see if there was a temp file saved somewhere? Maybe there is something on the interwebs somewhere about retrieving documents?

Although if you do have to restart it, I'm pretty sure it will only be MORE awesome than the first edition, because you just get more awesome with everything you do :) xx said...

You've got a good man there :) His song-making-up-skills will come in handy when there are baby berries some day, yesterday I was singing to Addi something along the lines of "you like mommy to sing, but this is the crappiest song in the world..." bla bla bla - winging it for the win! x

Johlet said...

You guys are such a great couple!

Claire Durell said...

Love this! You guys are a dream team. I'd like to suggest replacing trucking with Dory's "just keep swimming, swimming, swimming" - my little mantra for my all-fall-down moments. Chin up, shoulders back - keep being your wonderful self and doing what you do because (and I'm taking the liberty of speaking on behalf of all of your fans/readers) we love ya! X

Che Kershaw said...

ah yay!! shall be adopting the Claire-Dory mantra from now on! *bubble Bubble* :) thank you for your awesome words! x

Che Kershaw said...

hahahaha NO WAYS!! i *know* that song!! winging it for the win!! x

Che Kershaw said...

hahaha YAY!! i love him too! :) When the indieBabies come along - i will put him in charge of made-up-songs and pep-talks. lols.

I did totally have to restart the whole thing. inDesign Code Error 5: google that shyte - there is NO HOPE. :(

BUT... (sigh).. after the pep-talk and the "doors of opportunity" song, I am back on the bandwagon - good things to follow! :) x

Warrz said...

"And behind that door could be another door & who know where that door will lead....knock knock" ;) <3

Che Kershaw said...

i love you mr dyer! You were the best door that i ever did open. x

Caley said...

I'm so sorry girl, there is absolutely nothing worse than crashing files but nothing better than a good old hubs pick-me-up! Well done Warr x

Che Kershaw said...

crashing files are the worst! but you're right - at least I have one times good husband to soften the blow! x