Sunday, September 5, 2010

7 Things Sunday

7 things I have learnt this week:

  1. It is possible to buy an entire fancy/cute/awesome outfit for under $4 in Korea.
  2. Sometimes the worst news to hear is the best news for you.
  3. People love indieBerries enough to make it a finalist. (this makes me happy) thank you.
  4. When there are gale force winds blowing - it is not necessarily a good idea to open an umbrella.
  5. Red wine, candles, good tunes, delicious oil burner aromas and alone time is fabulous
  6. Good people are everywhere
  7. ...and there are so many things and people to be grateful for

Make your own list of 7 things you've learnt about yourself this week.
 Or your life or 7 things you are grateful for. Do it now.


Charlene said...

I love the idea of 7 Things. God luck on your blog contest - happy to support a SITStah!

Lisa R Clark said...

Great blog! I voted for you! Hopped on over from BF

Che said...

Thank you both! :)