Thursday, September 2, 2010

just words

So at the advice of my very (sometimes) wise brother I have decided to do a post with just writing. I feel awkward about writing .. oh wait... scratch. There isn't any reason why I should feel more comfortable drawing pictures - it's not like I'm Van Gogh. I'm more like Picasso. But not really Picasso - more just like Picasso-esque... like my cartoon eyeballs look like they are lopsided and my mouths look like they are eating the whole face... and everything is slightly off. But if you squint your eyes you can make something cohesive out of it and maybe even you can have a little chuckle at the expense of my mad-cooking skills or my over-active imagination. 
So what's happened in the past 24 hours... I got a phone call from my mom at about midnight:

Me: (whispers in italics) Hello
Mom: oh Hello! Did I wake you?
Me: No, but I can't really talk right now - Rachel is lying next to me and she's sleeping.
Mom: oh ok - I just wanted to say well done on your blog being a finalist! That's great!
Me: Thanks mom! 
Mom: I'm going to go and vote.
Me: Ok thanks mom! and tell your friends!
Mom: Ok. I will call you tomorrow. 
Me: ya OK - I don't want to wake up Rachel
Mom: Why am I whispering?
Me: I don't know.

I only got to sleep at 5am (over-active brain) and today I will be in a Typhoon. 
(don't worry I don't understand the picture either)

This is not a make-up day. 
*the end*

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