Sunday, September 12, 2010

Show and Tell

Remember this friend?
I drew him for the Fall 'Edutainer' Musical show Imagine That! at English Village - (English Theme Park - where I work in Korea) The fabulous director Zack Bass asked if I would help out and draw some scenery. So i did.
A few days ago I went to see the new show and tried to get some snaps of the actors - but i didn't want to use my flash and distract them from their stellar perfomance so i just got a few motion blurs:
This is the hazy motion of The Dangerous Dragon (Mark Kuroski) and the Dragon Slayer (Jenn Wells Rowan). (I'm really good at taking pictures.)

The story is about Elliot (hilarious Blake Pfeil) who is sent to Serious School - where he meets the Serious Teacher (fabulous Modestina Fernandez) and has to abide by the Serious School rules:


Elliot tries to convince his classmates (including Christian Zonts and David Steriti) that using your imagination can be a good thing. Slowly he convinces Simone (Marvelous Marvelyn McFarlane) to change her serious attitude but can Elliot win over the Serious-Stickler Sasha (Magical Meredith Gifford) and change the rules of serious school for good?

Unfortunately I don't have more pictures of the action going down - but here are some pictures including some of the set design that I did for the show - pop-up storybook vibe:


Hojune "Tristan" Choi said...

I can't wait to see this! This looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

This DOES look awesome!!!
Paddy-- can I watch this tomorrow?