Saturday, September 25, 2010

big event

so, tonight is the South African Blog Awards, being held at the One and Only at the V&A Waterfront. After agonising over the decision to come home and more than 36 hours of travelling and finally making it to Cape Town, I only have this to say:

Good luck indieBerries! Che is holding thumbs!
Ok... off to the waterfront for some shopping!


Dad said...

36 hrs of travelling, getting up at 3am to leave home for Cape Town, Blog Awards tonight... and thats it ..."squeak".. Jeff's dummies made more noise than that!... Good luck Che' matter what we glad you made the trip!

Manfredi said...

Good luck! Stoked you took some of my advice and did the trip!! Enjoy!! Regards to ur ballies!! Ciao