Sunday, September 5, 2010

my computer folders

I was looking at my computer folders today as I was saving some of my cartoons. The way they are named on my computer when they all sit together is rather fun. This is a list of how my cartoon folders are saved on my computer (commas removed for more laugh factor):

agony airline alien blake bleach blog fear cereal cupboard dad dead design room dom e-course feet flowers free spirit gym high school house rules identity crisis interview josh kitchen lazy ass light mac math model monkey upgrade mother movies my day nominate not sexy overactive pinky random shower topgun umbrella vote what if worm.

I have linked back to these cartoons (so you can click on them if you think you may have missed any-I'm nice like that)...and some of these titles have not been posted yet... coming soon! Happy Sunday x

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lmfao those cartoons tickle the hell out of me!! I wish I thought of that! Don't worry, I won't steal...Im not a "jocker" lmfao