Monday, September 6, 2010

it's poetry

What's on your fridge?
This is mine...

Polaroids taken with my *awesome* Fujifilm Instax Camera
Also some fridge poetry describing each polaroid. 
Here are some close ups:

(Some Polaroid film has printed frames such as this 'lovely' Hello Kitty one, which we used when we went to the Hello Kitty Cafe in Seoul.)
* colour * wrong *

* enormous * secret *

* ate * fudge * melt * terrible * dinosaur * 

* thick * garden * sun * verandah *

ALSO: My fridge has the fridge monster...

Now wasn't that lovely?!

Tell me what's on your fridge?


Lindsey Holder said...

Just voted for ya! Super cool blog & your header makes me want a big bowl of strawberries! Cool pic idea. My fridge is a boring stainless steel, so you've got me beat. I ended up putting all my magnets that once took over my fridge on a magnetic board like a picture:)

Che said...

aah a big bowl of cereal, yoghurt and indieBerries!
(my addiction for cereal is strong! )

Rhianne said...

I am completely in love with your fridge - I have photos on ours but none of my fuji's - I obviously need to fix this problem straight away :)

Che said...

yes! sort out it out immediately!