Thursday, September 9, 2010

mini revamp...

I've just been playing around with the little "click me" link pictures on the left.  Here are two of the new versions so far... (they are low res to make the site load faster - so sorry for the low quality when they are blown up like this) 

The old version:

The new version:

The newer version:

The old version:

The new version:

Right now I'm still in "messing-around-with-this" phase...and I'm not exactly sure what I like and don't like about the others so I would love to know what you think... leave a comment ;)

EDIT: i changed the first picture back. the first one is better. you were right.


Fablefairy said...

Vote for indie berries!!

The Blog awards celebrate all that is brave and free about blogs in South Africa. These guys and gals have plugged away at their keyboards distilling their filtered slice of cake that has captivated us at our desks and our coffees, despite our manically busy or glazed over slothyesque lives (and every category in between). These people have not only lived it, but photographed and recaptured it for us too. And the re-sized the photos on photo bucket (design blogs) or posted badly captured sliced life pics that make us laugh anyway. They have put themselves out there for us to judge or love, remember or discard like flyers. Sometimes they make a lunch time read during a revolting day at the office feel like an “out of Africa” flyover the Magaliesberg mountains or a terrible toddler day seem breezy next to a blog about waking at least 6 times a night for a sick baby. They tell you about the sale of the century, capture sartorial-esque street style or a glimpse of life as a foreigner in china. Sometimes they are laugh out loud funny and let’ s face it, there’s not heaps of money in blogging. Sure it’s driving a bit of traffic their way, but mainly they’re doing it for the love of blog. People: apathy is a weapon of mass destruction. We’re in an era where the magnificent Hayibo blog closed. Sure it’s a bit of admin to register to stop voting blocks and keep it fair, but let’s do it for the love of blog. Lets keep the Bloggers going. They can’t beg you themselves, so I’m asking you for them. Get out there and vote. OK Normal blog programming continues.

Che said...

haha thank you Fablefairy! i love it! :)

Anonymous said...

I really like the top one "Life of me" x

Ndileka said...

like the new cartoon one, as most of your cartoons feature "cartoon che" :) nice!