Wednesday, September 29, 2010

day of extreme mourning.

Today was a day of extreme mourning. 

Let me give you some background: I am a South African Summer child - deathly allergic to cold weather. The first chilly weather has hit South Korea and it is time for me to take my heater out of storage. 
I made the very sad walk over to the big storage room in my building to retrieve the heater that will keep me alive during winter. This heater is (basically) my only life-source in the cold months ahead so you can understand the sign that I had left on it which I had forgotten about: 
This heater is extremely big. (it is as big as my chair.) Actually it is like it's own planet. 
More like a sun.
Here it is next to my delicious strawberry cushion:

This heater is named Chernobyl. Chernobyl has many friends:

"my friend"

"little creep friend"

"abandoned friend"


Anyway, I digress, back to Chernobyl. When Chernobyl is switched on (as it is right now) it emits such immense light that not only does it look like the sun, but it is also probably emitting highly radioactive nuclear waves.  

In fact I think I can feel the radioactive waves already as I type this and winter hasn't even started...

Could we all please have a moment of silence for the loss of summer in Korea.
*Thank you*

If you are in a warm climate with the sun shining -go outside and EMBRACE it!

PS - this post is dedicated to Rachel Savitz owner of "R2D2" 
and Tony Reifel owner of "my friend"


Lauren said...

Che dog you biscuit! love this. Sorry to say but today was the very first HOT say in Cape Town. Summer= tan= minus 5kgs. WHOOO HOOO! Gwaadosh x

Anonymous said...

Not looking forward to my first Korean winter. Welcome back

Che said...

ramlingsaffie - trust me, it is NOT something to look forward to. haha call me if you need some body heat.

Kerry said...

It is freezing here too. You are not alone! Brrrrrrr...

Zack said...

this makes me think of maria, and our dvd friend. aw.

Bonita said...

lol! I like "little creep"!! ..what does he do..?

Che said...

little creep is the best creep of all - he was a fabulous hot air blower. but then he died :(