Sunday, September 12, 2010

7 things

  1. Be grateful. Say thank you. Say it often.
  2. Eating brownies, chocolate cake or ice-cream on someone's birthday actually creates a negative calorie effect - munch away*
  3. Stroh Rum will burn your throat. fact.
  4. Small people will try and bring you down - ignore them.
  5. Planning things can be an enormous amount of work.
  6. Cutting your friend's hair is just all about confidence. As is wearing hats and dresses with sparkling rabbits. Be your own inspiration.
  7. Good weather makes happy people. Appreciate it.


Betty Bake said...

i agree so much with small people will bring you down - so it is good to stay focused no matter people say :) It's your life and not theirs so live it how you want to :) - thats what i keep telling myself :)

Happy Sunday
Betty Bake blog

Lisa said...

i dont agree that small people bring u down...che that is nasty...u know how i feel about my midgetness :(